GenTech Community Classes

Love Your Laptop

Do you love your laptop, but sometimes feel that it doesn’t love you back?  Well, we have a class coming up that’s going to change that!   We want you to have fun computing! We don’t want you to experience any more frustration! In this workshop you will get tons of tech tips for documents, photos, cleaning up email, Zoom, cloud computing (What’s that? You’ll find out),  finding lost files, and more. Bring your laptop computer and get all your questions answered by our experts, and have fun in the process!

NOTE: Offered at The Holland Center.  Map



Your Smart Phone

Learn how to be smarter than your smartphone!  Manage photos, email, media, games, calendars, GPS, voice texting, apps, and more like a pro!  Tons of phone tips for that supercomputer that is in your pocket! Bring your phone and plan on having a blast!

NOTE: Offered at The Holland Center.  Map