Robots are a lot more than just nuts, bolts, and some cool dance moves. They’re math and science in action! Robots and automation are also the future of many industries too, so learning about them (and their dance moves) will give kids a leg up for their future. So, what does robotics teach kids?

Problem-Solving and Creativity

Robotics teaches kids to be free thinkers who look outside of instruction manuals for solutions. In other words, robotics is real-life solutions turned fun! It helps kids understand how things work and why something doesn’t work. Think of it like building a mini race car, but you have options to choose from to see what works better on the racetrack!

For example, your kid may have a Sphero robot that lights up in a colorful display. It’s entirely up to your kid how the lights work — they can flash, they can be red, blue, green, or all of the above, or they can be as random as they want! It’s all done through programming and visual problem solving, with a huge splash of creativity thrown in. 

Many robot kits, like Vex, Mindstorm, and Parallax, also fuel imaginations by letting your child make the robot exactly how they want it. It can dance, it can spin, it can drive around and pick up items — the only limit is your kid’s creativity! 

Develop Programming Skills of the Future

Robotics teach programming to kids of all ages and all skill levels. Some kits allow kids as young as five years old to assemble their own robots. More advanced programs let kids make their own programs for their robots too.

Let’s say the robot needs to change color every 5 seconds. That’s programming! Then say your kid needs to make a robot that can maneuver through an obstacle course on its own. That’s programming! And let’s say your kid wants to make a robot that can help pick up their toys. That’s programming too! 

But why teach it through robots? Two reasons. One, robots are cool. Two, robots are cool. Kids are more likely to latch onto hands-on activities where they can make almost anything. It keeps their attention and keeps them entertained as they learn. And did we mention that the end product — a fully functional robot — is just cool? 

Become Science and Math Wizards

Science and math are great subjects and can be taught in so many ways. A good robotics program will integrate science and math concepts into the lesson without it feeling like science or math, while connecting both subjects to real world problems. 

Children will see different scientific theories at work with the robotics kit, such as having their imagination sparked by lessons on electricity, or flexing their creative muscles as they learn about tension and force. 

Simple and complex math concepts are also demonstrated while they assemble the robot, such as how geometry can be used in the real world when they’re building the bots. 

Show Off Your Soft Skills!

Soft skills are things that aren’t taught in lessons. They’re not concrete subjects like math and science. Instead, they’re skills that make your kid a well-rounded person. 


What does robotics teach kids? It teaches them that the sky’s the limit when it comes to what they can do and what they can make. Coding empowers young children to be the future of digital technology. Instead of just playing a game, or wishing they had a dancing robot to play with, they can create one themselves! 

Computational Thinking and Logic

By learning to code, kids will also learn computational thinking. What’s that, you ask? It means thinking like a computer scientist! Your kid will learn how to use programming to solve real problems, just like a computer scientist does! 

It doesn’t mean your kid will be thinking in binary (we do teach that, but we don’t turn them into robots). All it means is that they will be able to test their code, spot any errors, and quickly solve them quickly and easily. This can also be applied to other situations and will help students in all areas of life! 

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work! 

Robots are rarely built by one person. There’s usually a whole team of engineers and programmers working on them. 

Kids robotic courses are the same. Students can choose to work alone, but always have the option to collaborate. Kids who work together are joined by a common interest, and will create bots that wow their friends and parents, together. And what’s teamwork without communication? As they work on their bot, your child will develop collaboration and communication skills based on something both they and their partner love: cool robots. 

Where Can You Find a Robotics Course?

If you’re looking for a robotics course for your child, look no further than KidsTech by GenTech. KidsTech is a hands-on and interactive afterschool program that is open for kids and teens! It’s Individualized for each attendee so every student will experience great challenges with a ton of good times packed into each camp.  

Want more information or want to sign your kid up? Give us a call or visit us in-store. We’re always happy to help!