KidsTech STEM Education for Schools

Today’s kids are sophisticated digital users. 
But are they ready for the technical future that awaits them?

The Technologies of the Future.  Are here now.

Computer Programming
Artificial Intelligence
Internet of Things
Machine Learning
Data Science
Quantum Computing
Microcomputers + Circuitry
Computer Troubleshooting
Windows. Mac. Linux

As educators, we all have a responsibility to insure that today’s students are ready for the technical world that awaits them. The age of automation is upon us. These technologies are already happening.  If you are in a school district and want to implement a state of the art STEM program that is affordable, efficient and promising for students, contact us.  At GenTech, we can help!  

GenTech is an all inclusive program that includes instructors, materials, tech equipment and an award winning, technical curriculum exploding with quests, interactive activities and complex challenges.  All for about $7 to $12 per student, per seat hour. 

GenTech instructors have vast technical expertise. They are engineering undergrads, interns, programmers and computer science experts.  Each instructor knows several coding languages, understands trending tech and high level technical concepts.  GenTechs undergo comprehensive training in teaching pedagogy, safety, and behavior. GenTechs bring a spirit of fun into every classroom. They are tech wizards.

Every Classroom needs a Tech Wizard to teach STEM Education

In a world that is technologically advancing at lightning speed, every student should have an opportunity to learn science, technology, engineering, math and computer science; STEM education. The reality is that many schools do not teach authentic STEM because there is not enough staffing, or expertise or materials available to prepare today’s kids for the technologies of tomorrow.  

GenTech School Programs


Python, JavaScript 
Block to Script 
Microsoft Minecraft EDU


Spheros Bolts, RVRs
Parallax, Mindstorm EV3,
UB Tech, Vex

Mighty Microcomputers

Micro Bits, Raspberry Pi
Arduino boards, IoT,
Circuitry, Electronics


Networking, Ethical Hacking
CyberSecurity, Web Apps,
 Digital Citizenship

Computer Builds

Hardware, Processing Power, Networks, Binary, Troubleshooting

Protocols + Standards

  • School programs are offered virtually, in-person or hybrid 
  • Strict attention to state and district COVID 19 Protocols
  • ADE Arizona Computer Science Standards
  • ISTE International Society for Technology Education
  • CTE Career & Technical Education Certified
  • Coursework incorporates challenging real-world technology concepts and industry standard best practices


Memberships + Affiliations

  • CTE: Career & Technical Education
  • CTSA Computer Science Teachers of America
  • ASEE: American Society of Engineering Education
  • AZTech Council Foundation / Arizona SciFest
  • STEAM Education
  • EGX Education Advocacy
  • ISTE International Society Technical Education
  • Arizona StandUp for Education Advocates
  • Invest in Arizona Partners
  • Arizona Code Day Sponsors

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