Radical Robots

  • Design engineering
  • Robotics
  • Construction
  • Critical Thinking
  • JavaScript
  • MakeCode

Kids learn to design, build and program robots in this radical camp! 

Kids will learn and level up their JavaScript coding skills while programming Sphero Bolts and RVRs.  Advanced robotics teams build and hack Parallax bots while learning Python coding and defending their base.   

Kids design robot courses and teach their bots to perform in zany challenges like follow a maze, and build contraptions to race and even battle!  It’s a crazy fun time! 

Rock and roll with  the coolest robots around. Spheros Bolts!   RVRs!   Parallax CyberBots!

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Tech Modules

Tech Mods are blocks of hours you can purchase that offer flexibility for kids busy schedules. The more Tech Mods purchased the cheaper per hour cost. Kids can use Tech Mods any time during KidsTech times. They never expire. This is way cool for frequent flyer tech kids!

Tech Mods are flexible hours you can use on any KidsTech Day

 1 Tech Mod = $ 25.00/hour
 5 Tech Mods = $ 110 or about $ 22.00/hour
10 Tech Mods = $ 200 or about $ 20.00/hour
20 Tech Mods = $ 300 or about $ 15.00/hour
30 Tech Mods = $ 375 or about $ 12.50/hour

  • Tech Mods never expire! 
  •  Kids clock in and clock out at GenTech
  • Tons of fun tech games and adventures in KidsTech!
  • Use your Tech Mods:
    •  All year during KidsTech Times
    •  During Holidays in December
    •  For Summer Camps!

KidsTech Hours

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The more Tech Mods you get the better value it is!


Holiday KidsTech Camps

These always fill up fast!  Moms holiday shop and kids play, learn, code and create!  This is also a great gift for kids!  Certificates and robot kits available!

Day Camps – Week 1 – December 20, 21, 22, or 23

Day Camps – Week 2 – December 27, 28, 29, 30

Come to one day or as many days as you like!

Use Tech Mods for Holiday KidsTech Camps


All KidsTech Instructors are qualified technology proficient GenTechs, Computer Science college majors, Information Technology mentors, engineers or Arizona certified technology teachers.

 KidsTech instruction is individualized for each attendee from beginner to advanced levels. 
Kids are presented challenges with a ton of good times packed into each session.
Our focus is on industry standard programming proficiencies and our instructors inspire
critical thinking, problem solving and integrate extraordinary interactive methodologies