KidsTech: Defining What is Coding for Kids

Coding is the lifeblood of modern day technology and is the future for all automation. It is literally what drives things we use every day, from your phones to Google. More specifically, coding is the act of writing code, or creating directions that tell computers what to do. It’s the lines of text you see when you right click a web page and hit “view page source.” 

But coding is also so much more than that. Without it, we’d have none of the technology that makes our lives easier. Your smart phone? The GPS in your car? The computer or tablet you’re using to read this blog? All of that and more wouldn’t exist without coding! 

So what does this have to do with kids? Everything!

What is Coding For Kids

What is coding for kids? It’s their future! No matter what kind of career they go into, they’ll be using some piece of technology that was programmed, coded, and created by tech professionals. Some of those professionals might even be your kids!

There will be a crazy real need for computer scientists, developers, programmers and techs in the next decade. Why do we know that? Because they’re also needed now! Cybersecurity is exploding and automation is defining a whole new way to live in the next decade. Coding smart devices will continue to make everyone’s life easier. It’s here. It’s real. And it’s the future!

So what is coding for kids? It’s preparing them exactly for what’s to come while fueling their imagination in fun and creative ways. 

That’s why we at GenTech decided to develop a program catered just for kids: KidsTech. It teaches elementary, middle, and high school students essential skills to prepare them for the future. 

The best part? Our exceptional tech hub rocks and rolls with state of the art programs, such as coding, robotics, and design, to ignite any passion your child has. 

Staffed with brilliant college computer science majors, engineers, and technical wizards, KidsTech is stocked with tons of cool robots and fun techie things for kids to explore.

But what exactly is KidsTech?

What is KidsTech?

KidsTech is designed to teach kids what they want to know in the world of technology. Programs are individualized to fit any passion, from coding to web design, we have it all. We teach everyone too; beginners to advanced techies are always welcome! 

KidsTech is an amazing after school program that is flexible to fit most schedules! You can come in on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays anytime from 3-6 p.m. Or if a weekend works better, you can roll in on Saturday sessions from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Our block schedule lets you choose the modules you want to attend when you want to tech out! Keep an eye on the Summer and Holiday programs as well.

We have five core programs, including: 

  • Radical Robots
    • Sphero, RVR, Parallax, MicroBits, Mindstorm, Vex Robotics
  • Mighty MicroComputers
    • Electronics, Networking Basics, Engineering, Ardino, MicroBits, Raspberry Pi, Circuitry
  • Cool Coding
    • Python, Minecraft Mods, OSMO
  • Cyber Defenders 
  • Quantum Computing
    • IBM Quantum Computing Educator Program, Jupyter, Python

All of these programs have the ability to cross over so no child is locked into learning just one thing. If your kid wants to learn it, then we will do everything we can to accommodate them. 

We broke down each one below. 

Radical Robots

Radical Robots focuses on all-terrain builds and coding so kids can put their imagination to the test. If they can dream it, they can code it! 

Radical Robots is a crazy and challenging course where kids program their bots through wild courses in JavaScript. Lots of critical thinking and creative design happen when kids build bots, amazing vehicles and creatures. 

Sphero Bolts and RVRs are often found whizzing around GenTech doing zany tasks.  As kids advance they learn several high level programming languages including Python. Parallax bots are all about creativity in coding and introduce first-time circuit-builders and programmers, prototyping, building real-world skills, and open-ended experiences.

Mighty MicroComputers

A Raspberry Pi isn’t just a yummy treat, it’s a tiny and affordable microcomputer that you can use to learn programming. This KidsTech program is for kids who love computers, want to build their own, or who want to find out more about how they work. It’s also a great track for aspiring engineers.

There’s lots of tinkering with circuits, wires and things that buzz. Kids engineer through tasks all while having a blast! Computer building concepts, hardware troubleshooting, exploration in electronics with tons of hands on adventures all happen here. 

This program teaches students all about electronics and engineering, including hands-on lessons about how computers function and how to diagnose and repair certain hardware issues. 

Cool Coding

Teams explore, compare and contrast several programming languages from OSMO block programming, which is great for little kids with lots of tactical play in coding concepts, to great industry standard applications and development environments such as Jupyter and Python. Kids also get to explore open source coding and trending technologies, AR/VR, AI, IoT.  

Microsoft’s Minecraft EDU lets the player design their very own world. It’s a lot like hacking Minecraft, but in a good way! Kids code in Minecraft and make their own mods for the game using Python, which is the most popular programming language in the world today! That means your kids can add things into the game to make their worlds exactly how they want it! 

This program is a great beginner and basic tech concept course.

Cyber Defenders

Kids! Be prepared for stealth mode and get ready to learn cybersecurity scenarios with robotics and hacking. Spy glasses optional.

In our cybersecurity unit, kids will be introduced to ethical hacking and find security flaws in online systems to make the internet a safer place. They’ll program robots to engage in cyberwarfare hacking challenges and covert team competitions. 

Microbit electronics, circuitry, engineering, coding are integrated in these spy-movie experiences. In depth exploration of the Linux OS an open-source, operating system that is a staple for every programmer, IT professional, or a developer.

Quantum Computing

In our Quantum Computing camp we’re teaching kids cutting-edge computer science and teaching them about qubits on a real-life IBM quantum computer! 

GenTech is a IBM Quantum Educators Program partner so kids can run compositions (quantum computing for “programs”) on one of IBM’s quantum computers. But first they’ll learn the difference between classical and quantum computing and a whole lot more, including the Jupyter IDE and Python. These are groundbreaking skills that gives your child a real edge when it comes to tomorrow’s cyber careers.

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If any of this sounds interesting to your or your child, or if you want to prepare them for the future, then give us a call today at 602-374-5624 or visit us in-store or online! We’ll be happy to set up the perfect program for your child that is bound to pique their interest and get their imagination running wild.