Your mission now that you've decided to accept it...

Welcome to the Configurator Portal!  This is your ‘go to’ place for help with information, scheduling meetings for refurbishment hand off and training. 

You are an elite group of support Configurators embarking on a mission to do great things for kids, technology and mankind!  All while saving the planet.  With great power comes great responsibility.

Need to know


  • All computer pickups and drop offs will happen at a new Mesa location.
  • Configurators schedule a time to pickup desktops or laptops and materials.  
  • See schedule below.
  • Configurators take desktops or laptops home. 
  • Configurators follow the processes in Training Videos. 
  • Schedule a time to bring back the desktops or laptops. 
  • See schedule below.
  • Bask in awesomeness for being an amazing human.
  • Repeat! 


Schedule Times for Pickups and Drop Offs

Configurators!  You absolutely, positively have to schedule this.  It’s super easy.  

Please contact us for scheduling times.

Training Videos

Hardware Installation

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Refurbishment Tags

Contact Information

AZStRUT, the brains behind it all. AZStRUT is supplying all of the computers that all of you are refurbishing. They have been here since ’97 and continue to support communities everywhere with all of your help! 


AZStRUT has partnered with GenTech to develop and support the infrastructure, coordination and execution of this effort. For any questions regarding process, pickup or drop off times for refurbishment activities please get a hold of Debbie and/or Oliver.

Debbie Kovesdy:

Oliver Carter: