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GenTech is the place to go if you need help with any technology need.  
Schedule a personal tech session at our store, at home or virtually for
computing tips, tech support, device repairs, KidsTech or group sessions.
GenTech has answers for all your tech questions.

We offer one-to-one personal tech sessions in our store or virtually. Our techs will walk you through every step so you understand the process and enjoy technology!

Complete computer repair services for Scottsdale, Phoenix, and the greater valley area. If your computer is running slow or if you suspect it has a virus, bring it in. 


We are happy to come to your home for in-person or virtual tech support sessions from the comfort of your home.  Computer, network, printer or connection issues? We can help.

KidsTech is hands-on and interactive to make coding, robotics, and engineering fun and engaging for kids. Many programs to choose from for kids of all levels and tech interests.

Our state-of-the-art programs are designed around technical industry standards ensuring that we are preparing today’s kids for the
technologies of tomorrow.

Need tech support for an application or program? 
We offer advanced technical instruction specifically designed 
for your business, group or community event. 

GenTech has helped me countless times with mail, office spreadsheets, computer issues and connectivity. They are the best!
Our daughter is a student at dance and wanted to try coding. She loves it and has learned so much. It is amazing.
Sandy & Ben
Pointe Residents
I had so many issues with my phone and Alex showed me some great tips and fixed all my settings. I learned so much in an hour and he was very patient and kind.
Retired Principal

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